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Postage/Shipping Costs

The prices shown on our website INCLUDE postage costs. Nothing more is added at checkout.

Please keep this in mind when comparing our prices.
Choose your shipping destination, and the price shown is the total you pay, including postage.
UK and EC customers, the price shown also includes VAT where appropriate.
The price you see is the total we charge. Nothing more is added when you checkout.

Ship Items Together - Postage Savings

If we send multiple items together, postage savings are possible to some countries. As follows:

Posting to UK Mainland (not Northern Ireland)

Items Sent SeparatelyItems Sent Together
Postage varies from 2.45 to 8.46 on each pairYour TOTAL postage cost will not be more than 8.46, regardless of number of items ordered, if we ship them together.

Posting to France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, or Italy

Items Sent SeparatelyItems Sent Together
Postage in Europe ranges from 8 for light items to 23 (€32) for the heaviest ones.Your TOTAL postage cost will not be more than 23. So, if you order two heavy pairs of boots, you could save up to save €32; three pairs, up €64, etc..

Posting to the USA or Canada

Items Sent SeparatelyItems Sent Together
Shipping costs for USA/Canada run from 12 for light packages up to 33 for the very heaviest styles. 33! (US$60+). That is almost a third of the price you pay in total.Order two or more pairs, ship them togetehr and we can *usually* make some savings. If you order heavier boots (e.g most knee-high styles), we can save you quite a lot more, up to 10 (US$20) per pair

How to use this?

Simply buy more than one pair of boots at a time. Perhaps your friends are happy to order their boots at the same time as you, so you can both save on postage. At the secure checkout, tick the 'Send Items Together' checkbox, and we'll do the rest. It's that easy.

Take Note:

  1. You must order more than one pair of boots at a time to make any savings, and you must choose to have all items sent at the same time;
  2. If you choose 'Send all items at once' we will not send any pairs on your order until ALL pairs are ready. This may delay you receiving pairs ready earlier;
  3. We do not know the exact saving until we have weighed the final order. We may save you more or less than we estimate at first. If our first estimate was very wrong, we will contact you before sending the goods;
  4. If paying by credit card, we may charge your card for partial consignments that are ready before the whole consignment ships;

Our prices INCLUDE postage. Nothing is added at checkout.
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